An open letter to the Chicago Cubs

Dear Chicago Cubs,

Please #BeatLA. Sure, the goal of journalism is to be objective, but in this case it is a dire exception.

As a lifelong Giants fan, it is painful to have San Francisco already out of the playoffs already, especially in an even year. The only thing more painful than watching my team blow a 5-2 lead in the 9th inning to end their season would be to watch the Dodgers come away with the World Series trophy.

You brought the Giants and their fans so much heartbreak last week, but if you beat the Dodgers all will be forgiven. After tonight’s gem by Clayton Kershaw, it makes me nervous that my hope (and yours as well) to move on to the Fall Classic could be in jeopardy.

It’s now a five-game series, and you have the support from all of San Francisco, as well as fans of the majority of the other teams (sorry, Cardinals) have your back too.

Here’s to hoping you take care of business and the best of luck moving forward toward your first championship since 1908.

With care,

Brendan Kennealy

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