Heisman Hype Week 3

Coming off of a crappy week two, this past weekend of college football did not disappoint. Ohio State blew the doors off of The Sooners, Michigan barely escaped a tough test against Colorado, Notre Dame and Texas faltered, while Louisville molly-whomped Florida State. Week 4 has potential to be great, but we will have to see.

We are going to change up the structure of this article from now on. We will begin with those who are hyped into Heisman consideration but in reality don’t have a case. 

1.) Kallen Ballage: The dude is good, don’t get me wrong, with that being said he ran for 62 yards on 14 carries while adding a score. Through the air he caught 5 balls for 41 yards as well. This would be fine and dandy if he were playing a school that is a powerhouse or a vaunted defense, but UTSA!? He was out carried and outgunned by Demario Richard. The Roadrunners played a heck of a game, but for Ballage to be considered one of the best in the game, he will need to do much better statistically.

2.) Dalvin Cook: A victim of facing a defense that was absolutely swarming, Cook and the Seminoles got demolished by the now No.3 ranked Louisville Cardinals. Running for 54 yards on 16 carries isn’t horrible, but he was a non factor in the receiving game with only 1 reception for 8 yards. Add to this that he did not have a touchdown. Cook and the Seminoles would need to run the table in order for Cook to be considered a Heisman finalist.

3.) Jabril Peppers: It pained me to do this, however the track record talent wise has been there. Peppers is in a terrible minority, defensive play makers who DESERVE Heisman consideration but won’t because of which side of the ball they played on.


Now on to the hopefuls…


Lamar Jackson: Once again, electrifying. Almost single handily taking down a top 5 team by himself. He did it through the air once again but added 4 touchdowns on the ground. Running for 146 yards while also throwing for 216 yards once again puts him at the top of anyone’s discussion when it comes to Heisman hopeful. While it is early, Jackson may have had his “Heisman Moment.”

Christian McCaffrey: Like Jackson, McCaffrey has continued to dazzle in multiple facets of the game. He had 165 rushing yards on 30 carries with a score on the ground, and added 4 receptions for 73 yards and a score. Mr. Consistency can hopefully continue another magical season.

Donnel Pumphrey: The most underrated running back in college football once again put in an impressive effort this past week. Running for 220 yards on 23 carries, with him also adding 3 touchdowns. While not being in the power 5 when it comes to conferences, Pumphrey still has a shot.

JT Barrett: Barrett has had to endure a lot over his time at Ohio State. From being Braxton’s backup, to getting the job, to having a Heisman like season, to then being the backup as you come off of a serious injury. He did all of this and still managed to be the guy at OSU. This is a team that had so much talent leave to the NFL and for some odd reason, Barrett isn’t showing it. He has managed a 3-0 start with a HUGE win against the University of Oklahoma in Norman this past weekend. If Ohio State runs the table and stays in the hunt, it will be because of Barrett.

While it is early in the season, there are many players who deserve to be Heisman hopefuls. We will see you next week, and hopefully, more names on this list. 


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