NFL Week 2 Score Predictions

Last Week: 8-8 

Overall: 8-8

New York Jets 28 Buffalo Bills 26

After narrowly losing to Cincy, the Jets will bounce back against the ailing Bills. New York’s front seven going to follow up their seven sack performance by collecting another four against Buffalo. A late rushing touchdown by Tyrod Taylor will make the game look closer than it was however the Jets will cruise in this one.

San Francisco 49ers 20 Carolina Panthers 35

Cam Newton takes out all the frustration he built up from last weeks heartbreaking loss to the defending champs with two rushing and passing scores. The defense has some trouble containing Carlos Hyde but the Blaine Gabbert’s inability to throw the ball past the first down marker ultimately dooms SF.

Dallas Cowboys 34 Washington 31

Washington had a hard time stopping the run last week and that carries over into this week against and even better o-line. What doesn’t carry over from last week is Dallas settling for field goals. The Boys will feed Dez all game long and his second touchdown will be the what propels them to their first win of the season.

Cincinnati Bengals 24 Pittsburgh Steelers 38

The offensive juggernaut that is the Steelers offense keeps on rolling with another strong outing. Antonio Brown picks up his first 200 yard game of the season also reeling in one of Big Ben’s three touchdowns. A late Andy Dolton turnover in the red zone leads to a Steelers TD leaving Cincy no time to mount a two score comeback.

New Orleans Saints 35 New York Giants 38

In a rematch of the highest scoring game of 2015, the roles reverse and the Giants are the ones who squeeze out a last second win. On paper this Saints defense is the same that allowed Eli to throw for six TD’s on it last year, only worse. Drew Brees played like it was 2011 last week and will again throw four touchdowns in a loss.

Miami Dolphins 16 New England Patriots 27

Jimmy G masterfully manages the game despite having loads of pressure sent at him all game. LeGarrette Blount gets two rushing touchdowns from inside the 5 and Gronk has 7 catches for 76 yards and a score in his 2016 debut. Miami keeps things close early but falls behind and stays behind when they start answering touchdowns with field goals.

Kansas City Chiefs 34 Houston Texans 17

Last week the Bears let Oswelier stare down his receivers and didn’t punish him for it. Marcus Peters will have none of that. The second year cover man will have an interception and will limit Nuk Hopkins to 82 yards on 6 catches. Smith and the Kansas City offense will dick dunk and read option their way to 17 unanswered points to start the game and will never look back.

Tennessee Titans 20 Detroit Lions 33

The Titans ground game can not keep pace with Detroit’s passing attack. Mariota shows some improvement over last week and only has one turnover but also no touchdowns.

Baltimore Ravens 21 Cleveland Browns 16

Things have gone from bad to ugly in Cleveland after placing incumbent starting qb Robert Griffin III on injured reserved. With an offensive unit comprised of what looks like scab players, I’m second guessing them even scoring 16 points. The Ravens still struggle to get the offense clicking but do enough to get a win on the road.

Seattle Seahawks 30 Los Angeles Rams 6

Just like in the season opener against the 9ers, LA won’t be able to get anything going on the ground against an even tougher defense. No running game means lots of third and sevens for Keenum and the Rams which is one of the many things they had a hard time with last week.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27 Arizona Cardinals 21

Questions of whether or not the Bucs are for real come pouring in after they beat the Cardinals for their second road win in as many weeks. Doug Martin piles up over 180 yards from scrimmage but doesn’t find the end zone once. Carson Palmer plays well and doesn’t turn the ball over, but inaccurate passes and drops sink the Cardinals to 0-2

Jacksonville Jaguars 31 San Diego Chargers 23

When Keenan Allen went down with a season ending ACL tear last week, he took the Chargers offense with him. Philip Rivers and the rest of San Diego’s offense continually to fail to string together plays to keep drives alive against this improved Jacksonville defense. Both Allen brother find the end zone as the Jags coast to a two score victory.

Atlanta Falcons 27 Oakland Raiders 34

It was the Raider’s ground game beat up on the Saints last week and it’ll be their passing attack that leads them to victory this week. Michael Crabtree catches two touchdowns and Amari Cooper again has over 100 yards. Matt Ryan’s second interception with less than three minuets left sends the Falcons packing.

Indianapolis Colts 28 Denver Broncos 20

The Broncos will have a chance late in this once but Trevor Siemian doesn’t deliver. Andrew Luck again avoids any big mistakes and plays a clean game from start to finish. T.Y. Hilton treats the Bronco’s defense like it’s the Texan’s defense and puts up 178 yards and two touchdowns on them.

Green Bay Packers 26 Minnesota Vikings 20

Minnesota’s defense won’t make it easy on him, but Aaron Rodgers will do what Aaron Rodgers does and put the Packers up by six in the fourth quarter. After Vikings turnover with five minuets left, the Pack are about to grind out the clock and secure the win thanks to the new slimmed down Eddie Lacy.

Philadelphia Eagles 17 Chicago Bears 23

Before I hop on the Carson Wentz hype train, I’d like to see how he plays against a defense that isn’t the Browns. The Bears boast a significantly better defensive unit and I believe defensive coordinator Vic Fangio has something up his sleeve for the rookie passer. Wentz tosses two picks and slows the row on the hype train.


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