The Hail Mary From Right Field

From the Gridiron to the Diamond, former Heisman winner Tim Tebow worked out in front of MLB scouts on August 30th to see if he has the ability to make a transition to professional baseball. A few months ago, former NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow announced he had been working with former big leaguer Chad Moeller. Many have voiced concerns over it being a publicity stunt, ticket-seller or any other negative connotation. On August 30th, Tebow took to Deduex Field to show scouts in attendance what he could really do. The scouts used a traditional 20-80 grading scale. With a 50 being what an average Major League Player would be graded at.

If you’ve ever seen Tim Tebow, you know the dude is an uber-athlete. A body chiseled by the gods allowed him to become a college football legend and eventually be taken in the first round of the NFL draft. Stops in Denver, New York, and New England, culminated in a short career for the former heisman winner. Tebow was never going  to be a mainstay at the QB position. His throwing motion and his lack of accuracy forced him out of the league and into a career of being in the studio covering the sport he was a star in. A few months back, something changed for Tebow, a decision to pursue a baseball career arose.

Former Brewers catcher, Chad Moeller, began working with Tebow and began to mold him into a baseball player. Not just an athlete trying to play the game. A workout was set for August 30th, the number of teams and scouts were undecided. There were rumors of two-thirds of teams showing up to about ten teams showing up.

We know now that twenty-seven teams and forty-two MLB scouts ended up at Tim Tebow’s workout:

The beginning of the workout included Tebow taking fungo ground balls and fly balls in right field. He would make throws to third off of these fungo reps. The idea of this is to see and be able to grade Tebow on his arm strength and accuracy from one of the farthest points on a baseball field (right field to third base).

He then took fungo reps in center field he in no way looked comfortable or fluent for that matter, shown here with a video from’s Taylor Ward:

The highlight of the afternoon however may have been Tebow’s batting practice reps. He was putting balls out left and right. His power was on display. One scout graded Tebow’s power at an 80 on the 20-80 scale, with 50 being Major League Average. While others tempered expectations just a tad with a 60 power grade that would most likely reflect into a game grade of 55. Still pretty good.

Tebow then tried to show the scouts he was not a “5 o’clock hitter” by taking bp off of former Major League Right Handers David Aardsma and Chad Smith. Tebow finished the day 8-for-19 with two doubles and three strikeouts.

Aardsma definitely got the best of him as evident by this clip from the workout:

His 60-yard dash went rather well for someone who has been out of professional sports for a long time:

I understand most believe this is a circus, only intended to get butts in seats. This is a perfect example of buying low and seeing what happens. For someone who has an understanding in the world of baseball operations, I would honestly take a shot on Tebow. While he may be older than a traditional prospect, there are some aspects that make you feel more comfortable with putting Tebow inside of your organization.  On the scouting scale, he has tools that clock in around the 40-50 area. His power, and speed standing out more so than his other tools. He will need to get his swing down, his timing is definitely off and his bat path tends to cause him to pull the ball and get fooled by anything off speed. With that being said, instructs would be perfect for the former Heisman winner. Instructs are a short period where minor league players report to their teams spring training home, and hammer out improvements that the organizaiotn seems fit. Allowing Tebow to become more comfortable playing in the outfield will drastictally help as well. It’s a risk, I get that, but if Tebow’s resiliency is an indication of what type of baseball player he can be, then I am all in (at the right price). 

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