Arizona Diamondbacks Should Not Trade Zack Greinke Yet

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports, the Los Angeles Dodgers expressed interest in trading with the Arizona Diamondbacks for pitcher Zack Greinke. The Dodgers wanted to try and bolster their rotation for a playoff push.

The deadline for acquiring players eligible for playoff rosters passed on Wednesday night and with it, any chance that the Diamondbacks will trade Greinke during the 2016 season. That raises the question of whether or not Arizona will look to trade their ace this winter.

It’s understandable, the Diamondbacks are not anywhere near contending this season and Greinke’s monster deal is only just beginning. It’s not uncommon for teams to shed payroll in order to hit the reset button after a bad season or two, and for Arizona, the season was a complete disaster.

However, I don’t think that this situation warrants a trade of Greinke just yet.

Anything that could go wrong, did go wrong for Arizona in 2016. There were front office disagreements, political fights, under performing key players and of course, injuries.

When the Diamondbacks snuck in and stole Greinke away from the San Frisco Giants and Dodgers, it was with the intention of contending. The core of the 2015 Diamondbacks showed promise. The front office believed they were just a few pieces away from putting a contending product on the field.

The issue here is, the team that took the field in 2016 was not the team that took the field in 2015. Nor was it meant to be the team on the field in 2016.

The Diamondbacks were riddled with injuries and under performing players. A.J. Pollock and David Peralta have been out for just about the entire season. Paul Goldschmidt, Shelby Miller, Greinke and the entire bullpen have under performed at different points of the year.

At one point in the season, Arizona was forced to play an outfield made up of a third baseman, a shortstop and a backup catcher. Needless to say, things just didn’t come together the way they were meant to. With everything that has happened, the 2016 Diamondbacks are not indicative of the actual team.

The Diamondbacks went all in to acquire big pieces in an attempt to push the team into contention. Trading away those acquisitions because the back up to the back up plan didn’t work out just doesn’t make sense. Arizona paid too big of a price in both money and personnel to immediately back out.

The Diamondbacks front office has to give the team a chance to play when all the intended pieces are on the field. If Arizona is still a bad team with all of the key players on the field and healthy, then a trade of Greinke should be explored.

Until that happens, patience is the best route for Arizona right now.

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