Top 3 Tight End Sleepers

3: Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Ranked 16th in ESPN’s ranking, Austin Seferian-Jenkins would end up on the bench in fantasy, but he could be a great backup for a starter that gets injured, or possibly a breakout star, who knows. He is going into his third season, so he still has lots of room for improvement, where he has already improved from his rookie season, while his second  season he played only 7 games and in his first he played 9.Anyways he is matched up with 5th ranked Travis Kelce. First off, Seferian-Jenkins had only twenty-one receptions, while Kelce had 72, but Seferian-Jenkins had 4 touchdowns and Kelce had 5, so Kelce may have more, but Seferian Jenkins would have around one touchdown for every five receptions, whereas Kelce has one touchdown for every 14 receptions, so if Seferian-Jenkins could get some more receptions, he would be solid.

2: Antonio Gates 

Antonio Gates is ranked 14th, so he will be matched up with 4th ranked Delanie Walker, keep in mind Gates played 11 games. Gates had a total of 56 receptions last season. Walker had 94, Gates had 5 touchdowns, Walker had 6. So Walker may have more touchdowns, he has more receptions, and if you work it out, Gates would have around one touchdown for every twelve recpetions, where Walker had around one touchdown for every sixteen receptions. Also, Gates had 5 touchdowns in the red zone, and Walker had 4. Last season, Gates had more touchdowns in the last two minutes of the half. Gates is also better at breaking the tie, and tying the game up.

1: Eric Ebron

Ranked 18th in ESPN’s ranking for tight ends, Eric Ebron is the #1 tight end sleeper, he will be matched up with the 6th ranked Coby Fleener. Going into his third season, there is still room for improvement in Ebron’s game. Ebron had 7 less receptions than Fleener, but he had 2 more touchdowns. Also, his yards per receptions is at 11.4, where Fleener has 9.1, so despite Ebron having less receptions, he had more receiving yards. So it all adds up to Ebron having 38.4 yards per game, while Fleener had 30.7.

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