Who to draft first: Antonio Brown or Julio Jones?

By: Nick Kennealy

This Fantasy Football Match-up will be focusing on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones, feel free to put who you would take first overall in the draft.

The first stat we have here is receptions, for a few reasons…

The first reason is that receptions balance out stats like yards, because the chances are someone with more receptions probably has more yards and touchdowns. Both players had 136 receptions last season, so it is easy to calculate from there.

Next up, yards.

In the ESPN wide receiver rankings Brown is put first before Jones. Jones had 1,871 yards during the season (187 fantasy points for yards), while Brown had 1,834 yards (183 points). These numbers were both career highs for the two wide receivers.

Some people take age into effect. Entering the 2016 season, Jones is a year younger than Brown, so he has the chance to have a better season with semi-fresher legs. While Jones has the upper hand in the age category, your mindset may change once we get into our next stat.

Now this is the most important stat, in both the NFL and Fantasy Football, touchdowns. Each one is worth 6 fantasy points, in a standard league at least.

Anyway, Jones had 8 touchdowns during last season, while Brown had 10. Jones improved on his touchdown total from the year before by 2, while Brown decreased his touchdowns from 13 to 10.

Now that we have our points, the outcome should be clear. Brown had more points last year than Jones, but that could change this year, seeing that Brown’s touchdowns decreased from 2014 to 2015.

The battle should be close between these two, but because the fact that Brown is ranked 1st, and Jones is ranked 4th overall is hard to overcome. If you had the number 1 overall pick, I would go for Brown.

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