Top 3 Wide Receiver Sleepers

By: Nick Kennealy

3: John Brown

Ranked 29th in ESPN’s wide receiver ranking, he is one ahead of his teammate Larry Fitzgerald, but he is still considered a sleeper over Fitzgerald for statistical reasons.

Having two seasons under his belt, Brown has improved massively between the two, including 65 receptions last season. His yards per reception also improved to a 15.4 mark, which actually beat A.J. Green. Brown also achieved a career high of yards (1003) and in touchdowns (seven), as well as in first down receptions and 40+ yard receptions.

2: Allen Hurns

Allen Hurns is ranked 36th on ESPN, but he is a too good of a receiver to be put that low, and deserves a top-30 spot, at least. Hurns’ stats definitely show that this two-year player is a sleeper.

He is ranked 27 spots behind Demaryius Thomas. Thomas had 41 more receptions last year, but despite the difference in receptions, Hurns had 10 touchdowns, almost one touchdown for every seven receptions, Thomas had six touchdowns, almost one touchdown for every 18 receptions. Also, Hurns finished with a mark of 16.1 yards per reception, while Thomas had just 12.4.

1: Ted Ginn Jr.

Ted Ginn Jr. was catching passes from Cam Newton on the 15-1 NFC champions, along with all the stats he puts up, and he gets ranked 50th by ESPN.

Sure, Newton deserves a lot of credit for his team’s success last year, but Ginn should be given more credit than he is receiving. 

Let’s match Ginn up with the top of the WR rankings, Antonio Brown.

Last year, Brown had 136 catches, compared to Ginn’s 44 receptions. Ginn and Brown each caught 10 touchdowns. Ginn’s had a touchdown per each five receptions, whereas Brown only had around one touchdown for every fourteen receptions. Also, Ginn had an average yards per reception of 16.8, wjile Brown had one of 13.5. 

It’ll will be tough to get looks in the Panthers offense with Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, and Devin Funchess as solid receiving options, but Ginn could very well produce high touchdown totals again this year.

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