Top 3 Running Back Sleepers

By: Nick Kennealy

3: Latavius Murray

Ranked 25th on ESPN, Latavius Murray is going into his third season, meaning he his young and still improving, let’s take a look at his stats.

Murray had 266 carries last season, 184 more than what he got in his rookie season. He had one more carry than 10th ranked Devonta Freeman. Also, he had 1,066 yards, topping Freeman’s amount by 10, and his own personal record by 642.

Murray had nine 20+ yard carries doubling his only other season, and taking down Freeman’s 6. Finally, he had two 40+ yard runs.

2: Giovani Bernard

Being the backup for 19th ranked Jeremy Hill, 29th ranked Giovani Bernard would be a nice backup in case Hill gets hurt, as his stats show that he could be qualified to be a starter for an NFL team.

Being a backup, he only had 154 carries, which was 33 less than Eddie Lacy who is ranked 15 spots above him. Despite this, he only had 28 less yards than the Packers running back, as he averaged 4.7 yards per carry was 4.7.

Also, Bernard took care of the pigskin as he had zero fumbles.

1: Andre Ellington

Andre Ellington is ranked 59th in ESPN’s rankings, so you would wait until the last few rounds to jump on him. Despite having only 45 attempts, he had three touchdowns, matching the man ranked 50 spots ahead of him, LeSean McCoy, who had 203 attempts. Also, with a career high of 6.4 average yards per attempt last season, he tops McCoy’s career high back in 2010 by 1.2 yards.

It’s a crowded backfield in Arizona with David Johnson and Chris Johnson each getting a handful of touches as well, but Ellington could provide some spark in a high-octane offense.

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