Fantasy Football: Top Three QB Sleepers

By: Nick Kennealy

Top three QB sleepers for Fantasy Football.


3: Kirk Cousins (14th on ESPN’s QB rankings)

In the 2013-14 season his quarterback rating (QBR) was 58.4, but in the 2015-16 season he improved that number to 101.6.

Additionally, he threw 29 touchdown passes in his first full season last year, while quietly threw for 4,166 yards as well en route to leading the Washington Redskins to the NFC East championship.

The sky is the limit with Cousins with a receiving corps consisting of DeSean Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jamison Crowder and Jordan Reed.

2: Andy Dalton (18th on ESPN’s QB rankings)

Andy Dalton is ranked 18th in the ESPN QB rankings, so you can definitely wait to pick him up until very late in your draft, or even in free agency if he isn’t drafted.

If you think that wide receivers, running backs and tight ends are the most important, then waiting on Dalton and picking up great starters and good bench players is for you.

Last year’s MVP, Cam Newton, played 16 games and put up 3,837 passing yards, while Dalton played 13 games and marked 3,250. Breaking it down further, Newton’s yards per game was 239.8, while Dalton’s was 250. Obviously Newton adds his rushing ability to his dynamic, but when it comes to throwing the pigskin, Dalton is right there with the best of them.

1: Alex Smith (27th on ESPN’s QB rankings)

Smith has made a living off of protecting the football. He has not thrown more than seven interceptions in a season since 2010. 

With Jamaal Charles slipping lower in the running back rankings (12th overall this season), Smith could be called on to take over the Chiefs offense more than he has in the past.

He has passed the 3,000-yard mark each of the past three seasons, while throwing for 61 touchdowns in the same stretch.

Finally, he tied his career high for most 20+ yard passes in a season with 42. He also broke his career high for 40+ yard passes with 10. This mark was two better than his previous record in the 2006-07 season, and improving by seven from 2014.

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